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Kamada Power Battery has 15 years experience focusing on energy storage battery research and development of the first-tier factory, providing OEM ODM home energy storage solutions for 56 countries. Kamada Power Battery Core Product Series Power wall Solar Home Lithium Battey, Server Rack Battery, Golf Cart Battery, RV Battery, HV Battery, E-bike Battery
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Why Choose Us

We Are Innovotive

At Kamada Power, we’re not just manufacturers of lithium batteries; we’re a dynamic team of problem-solvers driven by a fervent desire to reshape the energy landscape.


We Transform

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and state-of-the-art technology, we’re dedicated to delivering unparalleled energy storage solutions for homes, businesses, and communities worldwide.


We Are Trade Experts

As seasoned trade professionals, we intimately understand the unique needs and challenges of our clients. Continually refining our products and services, we strive for nothing short of excellence. Join us in forging a brighter, sustainable future with Kamada Power.

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